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Ultimate 2-Way Hybrid Security & Remote Start System, Responder LE. The Evolution of Responder: Smaller, Sleeker, Smarter. These are Directed's smallest, thinnest, most advanced 2-Way remote controls ever, operating a state-of-the-art, data enabled 2-Way security and remote start hybrid that will install faster with fewer wires, and best-in-world vehicle integration, operation and performance. Extreme 2,000 feet FCC legal 2-Way range Simple new universal icons Longer battery life ??? 3 to 6 months Microprocessor function control, powered by an 8 MHz microprocessor running SuperCode??? software-based encryption Real Status using GhostLights ??? check the vehicle temperature and run time remaining using the LEDs on the remote Soft Touch surfaces for comfortable tactile sensation Manual Transmission remote start enabled for the millions of stick shift vehicles

Viper 5701


scytek blue1000.png

Operates with any Bluetooth enabled phones. Complete hands free automatic operation. Locks automatically when walking away from the vehicle and Unlocks when approaching the vehicle. Horn honk confirmation when lock or unlocks. Starter interrupts when doors locked. No transmitter batteries or expensive factory transmitters to replace.

Scytek precision blue 1000


prestige aps998.jpg

1) 5-Button LCD Dot Matrix Command Confirming Carbon Fiber Transceiver(1) 5-Button code hopping icon based carbon fiber transmitter with flashlight Create Custom labels for the additional outputs The LCD screen background changes color with select transmitter commands Icon or Text Message display mode Send and Command Confirmations are displayed in easy to read text format Choice of English, French or Spanish Text Messages Personalized home page with text that you can create Over a quarter-mile range with Command Confirming (LCD Transmitter) On-Glass Superheterodyne Transceiver Antenna 6 Tone Siren Selectable run times 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes; Run Time Indicator Fuel Injected Gasoline or most Diesel engines with an Automatic Transmission Alarm remains armed while remote start operates Carlink and Intercept Compatible

Prestige aps998


scytek 1000.png

SkyTrack is an advanced GPS tracking system that allows you to monitor every trip your vehicle makes. You are able to monitor the rout your vehicle traveled, its speed at any given time and how long it took to get to the destination. The way SkyTrack works is by connecting to your computer via wireless RF and downloading the GPS information stored in your vehicle. That information can then be viewed on your computer using the SKYTRAK Viewer, where you may choose the level of detail you view the vehicles' rout history. The rout history will tell you how fast the vehicle was moving, on which street it was on, and for how long it traveled (each road and total time). Who needs it? Employer with company vehicles - Employers who wish to know about the employee's drives, such as what time and where the employee went and whether the employee is using the company vehicle to visit work related places or non-work related places. Parents with teenager kids that drive - Parents who wish to know their children's driving habits, such as which streets or routes they took, what time they drove streets or routes, and how fast they drove.No monthly fee Connects to your computer via wireless RF antenna High gain GPS Downloads GPS information stored in the vehicle and display it on your computer screen You may choose the level of detail when accessing the route history. The Speed the vehicle was moving Which streets it was on For how long it traveled Number of miles traveled Multi vehicle monitoring, track upo to 100 vehicles

Scytek skytrak1000



5-button FM LED transmitter with AAA 1.5v battery 5-button companion FM transmitter Up to 2500 ft / 760 m of range Monopole antenna with embedded bright-blue LED Robust and durable Engine run time request Vehicle status request Multi-level shift button

Autostart as-6250v


compustar 2w900fm-as.jpg

900MHz FM frequency giving it a 3,000 foot range. Featuring a state of the art 2-way remote control that alerts you of alarm activations and shows you the locked/unlocked status of your vehicle. Also indicates car is started after you activate the remote start. This way you know the car is started with out even having to look out the window. Built in Clock Includes: (1) Two way Remote and (1) One Way Remote

Compustar 2w900fm-as


autoppage ma200 alarm.jpg

Made for motorcycles 2-way AM/AM LCD Motorcycle Security Alarm with Shock Sensor and Starter Kill Two-way LCD protection with RF transceiver Four channels with two programmable outputs Built in shock sensor and starter interrupt Horn and optional siren output Closed loop trigger for accessory and saddlebag protection

Autopage ma200


autopage rs727.bmp

3rd Ignition (-) output Ground when start (-) output Selectable one or two push Safety Start Programmable gasoline or diesel with 10, 15, or 20 second Wait-to-Start Hood pin switch safety input (pin switch included) Selectable RPM / Voltage Start RPM / Voltage / Hi-Low level check Timer control start option Sensor control output during start Temporary Stop Feature Factory Alarm Disarm and Rearm signal output Programmable factory keyless door locking before and after start Programmable start status output with shock sensor bypass 45 second door / dome light bypass after ignition is turned off. Programmable Ignition 2 (on / off) Programmable 3 hour timer start Programmable 1 / 3 hour timer start Selectable Run Timer (5/10/20/30 minutes) Ignition control by-pass during remote start Selectable Gasoline / diesel Selectable Diesel warm-up time Programmable Ignition control locks bypass on / off

Autopage rs727

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