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scytek 500.jpg

Smart Phone Controlled Car Security Alarm/Remote Start System with Full Vehicle Tracking As an iPhone and smart phone enabled system, Scytek's Galaxy Mobile is everything you will ever need in a security system. The Galaxy Mobile remote start feature will allow you to turn on your vehicle without even having to be inside the car.This alarm allows you to control your car's security system with your iPhone or any smart phone with the simple push of a button. So if you happen to lock you keys in the car no need to worry you will still have full control thanks to the iPhone and smart phone features. The 2-way monitoring system sends automatic alerts to your smart phone to quickly notify you of any tampering. With the GPS tracking you can keep a constant up to date watch on the whereabouts of your vehicle. Time curfew violations and speed alerts will ensure that your kids are being safe and responsible drivers. With geo-fencing you can set your own parameters of how far your car should be traveling, once those parameters have been breached a quick alert is sent out to notify you of the violation.



scytek 8000.gif

*Once Alarm goes off for any reason you'll get a page and the built in camera takes 2 pictures automatically and send it to your lcd key alarm remote and then allow you to take 8 more pictures or you can go handle your business and see what going on with your vehicle. Full Color Camera with Night Vision Built-in, Mount Anywhere Camera Automatic picture capture upon security violation Selective picture capture through the remote Store and recall up to ten discrete images on the LCD remote. One Carbon Fiber 2-Way True Color Picture remote control. One Carbon Fiber Slick 5-Button Remote With Super Bright Blue LED Built-In Parking-Light Relay Programmable (+/-) One 5 button code hopping remote control Sleek Carbon Fiber with Super Bright Blue LED Plug In LED and Override Switch Remote Start Tachless Mode using Adaptive Digital Signal Processing -compatible with all vehicles Remote Start Tach Monitor Starter Interrupt Output Dual stage Electronic Impact sensor Power door lock control Trunk Release Parking Light Flasher programmable polarity Courtesy Light Control Anti-grind Option Gas or Diesel compatibility Cold Start timer Selectable Engine Run Time Turbo Timer (adjustable) Smart Network Port Easy programming Via your PC, Pocket PC or Valet sw. and Remote Transmitter

Scytek Vision Guard 8000

Crime Stopper

crimestopper fs80.jpg

2-way Paging Car Alarm, Keyless Entry, Remote Start Vehicle Security System 2-Way FM/FM touch screen paging remote with fully animated LCD graphics Includes sidekick non-paging remote Dynamic code protection (anti code-grabbing) Code learning receiver Electronic dual-stage shock protection Multi-zone trigger protection Defective zone bypass with warning chirps Alarm pre-warning signal Manual arming mode: allows you to arm/disarm the system without carrying a remote control On-board relay for flashing lights Audible and visual arm/disarm with intrusion alert Programmable carjack protection Programmable vehicle horn output Remote panic protection 25W High-power mini single tone siren Programmable passive door locks Programmable passive and active re-arming mode LED Diagnostic for last zone triggered Control up to 4 Vehicles with one remote 6 Auxiliary Outputs Audible,Vibration,Visual Transmitter Alerts

CrimeStopper fs80


scytek 5100rs.png

Complete 2way remote security and engine start system Power door locks control Factory disarm and rearm output Remote start tachless mode All vechile compatibility Built in parking lights relays Override switch and led on antenna

Scytek galaxy 51000rs



24-channel security/keyless entry/remote start system package includes module, one 5-button transmitter/receiver, one 5-button transmitter, a shut-down toggle switch, 2-stage shock sensor, 6-tone siren, and harnesses 2-way transceiver confirms commands and system triggers on its color OLED display with a range of up to a mile Remote Start function is for fuel injected, diesel, and hybrid vehicles only (can be configured for manual transmissions) 4 remote-controlled auxiliary outputs onboard starter interrupt and dome light relays parking light flash with short circuit protection 2-stage shock sensor built-in turbo timer and horn honk starter anti-grind (starter interrupt must be installed) automatic window roll up silent mode warns you of a break-in by paging only — no siren remote transmitters have multi-car capability compatible with BypassKit and XpressKit modules and accessories

Python 592


viper 7900.gif

2-Way Security System / Remote Start System with Color OLED Responder Technology This Color OLED Responder System from Viper is the most sophisticated 2-way Color Security and Remote Start system in the world! The interactive display on your Color Responder remote confirms all commands ??? virtually instantly ??? with easy to understand icons and animations. It alerts users to security system triggers by beeping or vibrating when out of audible range of the siren. And of course this system will also start your vehicle with the push of a button, and you will get confirmation back that it started from up to one-quarter mile away. Please refer to the technology section for more information about color OLED technology.

Viper 7900


scytek 7t7.png

2-Way Paging Vehicle Security System Random Code Hopping Technology High Frequency Transmitter/Receiver Technology Starter Kill Feature Dual Stage Shock Sensor Glass Breakage Sensor Temperature Sensor Flashing Parking Light Relay Output Power Lock/Unlock Relay Outputs Door Relay Outputs Primary Remote Has Full Display LCD Screen Primary Remote Chimes And Vibrates +120 db/Octave Siren Comes

Scytek astra 7t7


Astra 4000RS-2W-1.jpg

One (1) 2-Way 5 Button remote control (two remotes max.) One (1) 5 Button code hopping Remote Controls (four remotes max.) Personal coded override switch Starter Interrupt Output Dual stage Electronic Impact sensor Power door lock control Trunk Release True RPM Sensing for Real Time Cranking RPM Learning Indication Remote Start Tachless Mode using Adaptive Digital Signal Processing -compatible with all vehicles Remote Start Tach Monitor Parking Light Flasher Courtesy Light Control Super Bright Blue LED Status Indicator Remote engine starter Anti-grind Option Gas or Diesel compatibility Cold Start timer Selectable Engine Run Time

Scytek 4000rs-2w

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